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Vekta.5 Pit Box / Screw Kit by Full Force for Kraken Vekta.5

Kraken Vekta Pit Boxes are packed and ready to ship! Took a while to get the contents of this kit just right. We listened to your feedback, asked our friends and Vekta abusers and put the list together. As always our kits are designed to include the most damaged and lost hardware that will bail you out of a jam and get you back to enjoying your day. These are not full one time use replacement screw kits. These kits are designed and include the stuff that you actually need! We intentionally package these kits in 4 mil sealed poly bags rather than a hard case. Each kit includes multiple sealed bags of hardware neatly arranged then sealed in a larger poly with decal, header card and bar code. This saves a ton on shipping fees especially for our international customers.
Consisting of a generous supply of the most commonly damaged/lost hardware along with bearings, this kit will be one of the most handy items to have in your toolbox! (You can also pick up on of our handy polypropylene boxes for organizing this kit here)
All our hardware included in these kits is high grade 12.9 Black oxide alloy (locknuts and washers are plated).

  • M3x10 BHSC 30 PCS
  • M4x6 BHCS 5 PCS
  • M4x12 BHCS 5 PC
  • M4x25 FHCS 5 PCS
  • M5x16 FHSC 10 PCS
  • M5x20 FHSC 10 PCS
  • M6x10 FHSC 10 PCS 
  • M5x10 BHSC 5 PCS
  • M5x16 BHSC 15 PCS 
  • M5x20 BHSC 10 PCS
  • M5x25 BHSC 10 PCS
  • M5x35 BHSC 25 PCS
  • M5x50 BHSC 2 PCS
  • M5x70 SC 1 PC
  • M6x12 BHSC 10 PCS
  • M6x16 BHSC 15 PCS 
  • M6x18 BHSC 5 PCS
  • M6x8 SS 5 PCS 
  • M5 Locknuts 15 PCS 
  • M3 Washers 20 PCS 
  • 12x24x6mm Bearings 2 PCS 
  • 20x32x7mm Bearings 2 PCS

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