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Louise MFT 1/10 ST-Rocket Black Chrome12mm Hex 1/2 Offset Stadiu 1Louise MFT 1/10 ST-Rocket Black Chrome12mm Hex 1/2 Offset Stadiu 2

Black Chrome Louise ST-ROCKET Stadium Truck MFT Tires on Black Chrome 1/2" Offset Bead-Lock Wheels

These 1/10 stadium truck tyres have the perfect construction to suit any hard driving on smoother surfaces due to their ST-ROCKET street thread. They are also equipped with the latest MFT tire technology with an molded-in cord that helps reduce any over ballooning that is hurting performance due to less contact patch to the surface you drive on.To top it off Louise have also included an over sized 3.2" wheel with an bead-locking ring on each side that is hold in place with ten screws per side - no glue joint that can tear apart!

Tyre Features:

MFT (Micro Fiber Tech)

Less Ballooning

More rigid overall structure

Less distortion

Stable and even contact with the road/off-road surface

Larger outer diameter vs normal 2.8" ST tyres

Wheel Features:

Larger 3.2" diameter

Bead-lock System

Rigid locking ring that securely locks the tyre bead to the wheel with 2x10pcs M3x6mm hex screws without using a tyre glue


Traxxas RUSTLER 4x4 Front & Rear

Traxxas STAMPEDE 2WD Front

Traxxas STAMPEDE VXL 2WD Front

Traxxas RUSTLER 2WD Front

Traxxas RUSTLER VXL 2WD Front

Traxxas SKULLY 2WD Front

Traxxas CRANIAC 2WD Front

Traxxas STAMPEDE 4x4 Front & Rear

Traxxas STAMPEDE VXL 4x4 Front & Rear

Traxxas JATO 2WD Rear

Traxxas Nitro STAMPEDE 2WD Rear

Traxxas Nitro RUSTLER 2WD Rear

Traxxas Nitro Sport SE 2WD Rear

Also fits other 1/10 Scale Trucks with 12 mm hex


Wheel diameter: 3.2"

Tyre Diameter: 118 mm

Tyre Width: 56.5 mm

Weight (each): 200 g

Hex: 12 mm

Offset: +1/2"

Tire Compound: Soft

Tyre Tech: MFT (Micro Fiber Technology)

Wheel Finish: Black Nylon

Wheel Type: Bead-Lock with 2x10pcs of M3x6mm hex screws

Foam: Yes

Glued: No


Check the over all gearing as these tires may be larger in diameter vs a normal 1/10 Stadium Truck tire which may need a smaller motor pinion gear

We recommend updating your steering servo when using these tyres as they provide more grip and may overload a standard servo

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