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Kraken Fueler for HPI 5B 5T SC Losi5ive Vekta.5

The Kraken Fueler from Kraken-RC is a simple plug and play system that helps you fuel your 2 stroke RC vehicles efficiently and cleanly with no messy spills. With multiple built-in mixing ratios, you can now pre-mix your oil right in the tube prior to running your RCs. Calculating mixing ratios is now a thing of the past as we have taken this complicated procedure out of the equation! The Kraken Fueler uses a quick release attachment system for easy and fast removal. However, it also locks in place securely when fueling or de-fueling.

This system is fully compatible with all HPI Bajas, the new Savage Octane and LOSI 5IVE-T. Optional roll cage adapter kit is also available for easy fueling with the roll cages on. Whether you are breaking in your engine or just bashing, the Kraken Fueler system is the preferred fueling solution for your 2 stroke RC vehicles!

System Includes:

Fueling tube with valve nozzle

Gas tank mount with O Ring

Gas cap with build in one way breather valve

Dust cap


Multiple mix ratio indicators: 50:1, 40:1, 32:1, *28:1 and standard 25:1

Dust cap

**Optional roll cage adapter

***Fast de-fueling

Built in one way valve gas cap

800 cc fuel capacity! (Losi 5ive-T gas tank capacity)

*28:1 Mix Ratio is the recommended fueling ratio for OBR modded 2 stroke engines.

**Optional Roll Cage Adapter Kit is sold separately and is compatible with Kraken RC CL1TSK, Kraken RC TSK-b, Kraken RC SX-5 and Team Chase cages.

***De-fueling - What is "de-fueling"? de-fueling is the process of removing the fuel from your gas tank. With the Kraken Fueler, this is accomplished by

toppling you RCs upside down and draining fuel back into the tube. De-fueling is best practiced when you want to transport your RC vehicle, while

wrenching your RCs or safe RC storage for long period of time

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