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Baja Rear Camber Gain Blocks  Carving Blocks by Phatdad

"Carving Blocks", they give you the sharper edge to whittle away at the competition! Racer developed, and competition tested.

Carving Blocks enhance CAMBER GAIN, by adjusting the length and angle of the upper rear arm we are able to increase or decrease the arc of the rear tyre as it travels through its suspension motion. Increasing the camber gain allows the contact patch of the rear tire to stay more parallel to the surface than the stock set-up increasing traction throughout the turn. This allows you to pick up throttle earlier in the corner, or even drive through the corner, increasing the speed through the corner, lowering lap times. Other benefits. Carving Blocks will strengthen and improve wheel hub rigidity. No more bent (stock) turnbuckles.

Carving blocks work with both 5SC hubs and all older style 5B/5T hubs.

(IMPORTANT) You will have to remove a very small amount of plastic from the top of your older style hubs. Carving Blocks are a bit snug on older style hubs. Its a very easy mod that can be done with a flat file or some sand paper on a block. Carving Blocks fit perfect with the new SC style hubs and will fit perfect on older style hubs after this very simple mod.

Will fit the Baja 5B 5T SC SS , Predator RC Buggy & Truck Models Models , KM & Rovan Models

**sale is for 2 x carving blocks accessories are not included and for display of fitment



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