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1 36cc 360FT 4 Bolt Baja 4+HP Tuned Pipe Walbro CMR7H 11 36cc 360FT 4 Bolt Baja 4+HP Tuned Pipe Walbro CMR7H 21 36cc 360FT 4 Bolt Baja 4+HP Tuned Pipe Walbro CMR7H 31 36cc 360FT 4 Bolt Baja 4+HP Tuned Pipe Walbro CMR7H 41 36cc 360FT 4 Bolt Baja 4+HP Tuned Pipe Walbro CMR7H 51 36cc 360FT 4 Bolt Baja 4+HP Tuned Pipe Walbro CMR7H 61 36cc 360FT 4 Bolt Baja 4+HP Tuned Pipe Walbro CMR7H 7

NEW for 2022 !! Predator Rovan RC 360FT 36cc Truck 1/5 Scale Made to our Specifications Now In Stock with these Upgrades 

 Ready to Run

  • Powerful Rovan R360 36cc 4 Bolt Zenoah styled Engine 

  • ALLOY DIFF with all Bearings

  • Heavy Duty Drive Cups 10mm Dia shaft

  • 9mm Drive Axle Dogbones

  • Alloy Clutch Carrier

  • Hex drive Clutch Bell

  • NEW Symmetrical Steering

  • 8000 RPM Wear Resistant Clutch Shoes

  • Knobby Tyres & 5 spoke Wheels Heavy DutyBeadlocks

  • Spare Wheel Rack with Usable Wheel & Tyre 

  • Poly Carbonate Body panels

  • Full Roll cage (Team Chase type) 

  • Walbro Carby 

  • park Plug CMR7H

  • Upgraded METAL Gear Servos Steering Digital 45kg & Throttle 18Kg 

  • Enhanced Heavy Duty  Suspension  Arms (thicker & stronger)

  • SWAY Bars Front and Rear

  • Easy Start Pull Starter 

  • Alloy Clutch bell Carrier

  • Shocks Improved with 6mm Shaft 

  • Tuned Pipe up to 1hp more than Dom. Type 

  • Quality 2.4ghz Radio... 3 Channel LCD Screen 

  • 2000mah NiMH Receiver Battery

  • 5SC Front & Rear energy absorbing Bumpers with Mud Flaps

  • plus Free Stuff :  Bag of Nuts clips & Bits, Wheel Wrench ,Multi Spanner,

  • Fuel Mixing Bottle

  • HPI Baja upgrades mostly compatible... 

  • Why Pay up to $1800 and still need to upgrade .This is the cheapest way to get into 1/5 Scale trucks.... 

  • Bash it and have heaps of fun or Upgrade and bling you Baja with the money you save.

***Rovan / Rofun marked products are the same Manufacturer

In Stock in Oz now and ready to send!! 

Get your FT Truck in Days not weeks 

  • Huge there is no Bigger 970mm Long X 4800mm Wide X 370mm High approx

  • Scale 1/5

  • Max speed :70 + kmph 

  • Track: Front 395mm - Rear 400mm 

  • Brake Rear disc Brake 

  • Wheel Base: 570mm

  • Suspension Travel: Front 95mm - Rear 100mm

  • Brake : Rear Disc Brake

  • Wheel Type Three piece Heavy Duty Bead Lock high impact resistant

  • Drive System : HD Metal Gears with sealed gear box 8.382:1 ratio

  • 2 cycle piston air cooled Engine 

  • Torque: 1.8Nm/10000 rpm Power 4+hp / 17000rpm

  • Radio 2.4ghz System 

  • Steering Servo: High Torque METAL GEARED Digital speed 0.16sec/60degree

  • Throttle Servo Hi Torque METAL GEARED speed 0.16/60degree

  • Receiver Battery 6V 2000mah NiMh (charge anytime no memory)

  • Weight N.W 10.2kg Engine weight 2.00kg

  • Colour: Black

  • You Will Require 2 stroke Fuel Mix 25:1 & AA Batteries for Remote TX

Why Buy A Predator RC :

    1. Our RC are not production line models and built specifically for us as we order. After many years experience we know what to order  to get the best reliability for our customers

    2. We DO NOT drop ship(sent direct from overseas) our RC are Shipped in by sea and sent from our Melbourne Warehouse all Taxes Customs Duty and GST is paid and included in price we do not dodge our Tax requirements

   (Air Freight RC DO NOT have RX Battery ($49RRP) & Diff shock oil. Batteries and Oils are hazadous goods to send by Air 1-2hr job to fill )

    4. Before we send your RC we Inspect throughout for any  known issues if any  are checked and rectified , we bench test  the radio & servos for function to be sure all runs for you straight out the box , please note engine is not started and fine adjustments to set up are left up to user

    5. An informed start up and run in guide is included with purchase

    6. We stock a comprehensive Range of parts and most upgrade parts for your RC all listed in our Store


Once your Car is received

Please ensure you check your car over for any loose nuts and Bolts, Threadlock as required. Please also check oil levels in your shocks and Differentials and Fill if required BEFORE use. As failure of any parts due to lack of oil or loose parts will not be covered under warranty.



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